Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

Japan, an island country that is located in East Asia. It is nestled in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is a sovereign country that has a total of 6,852 Islands.

japanJapan is also known because of its mountainous terrain, and forest area that is not suitable for residential, industrial, and agricultural use. This country has a lot to offer in terms of its rich culture and popular places to visit. If you plan to live in Japan, you need to check their services such as “internet abonnement vergelijken postcode” or compare internet subcription zipcode. There are a lot of things to consider before moving to Japan. You will have thoughts about “zorgverzekering 18 jaar vergelijken” or compare health insurance for 18 years.

Just like going on an Amsterdam holiday, Japan has wonderful places and activities to look forward to during your visit. I still remember going on the Amsterdam city trip that showcased its magnificent culture, Japan also offers the same deal of thrilling and awe-inspiring city tour. If you love searching online about “plattegrond met bezienswaardigheden amsterdam” or city map with sights Amsterdam, you’d love to see Japan tourist spots.

Are you ready to pack your bags, head on to the airport and fly to Japan? Before you do that, here are some interesting facts about this country that will further amaze you.

festivalJapanese Culture

When you choose Japan as your destination vacation, you should not miss out learning about the Japanese culture. Did you know that the top places that tourists visit in Japan are the castles, temples and shrines, the authentic restaurants, and festivals?

sushiJapanese Cuisine

Japan is also known for its word class cuisine. If you are not iffy about eating something raw, then try their sushi. You will really notice how tasteful and fresh their fishes are. We know that there are a lot of Japanese restaurants all over the globe, but nothing beats the authentic ingredients and the traditional way they cook their food. Japan is food haven!

festivalJapanese Festivals

Japan is a country that really defines the true meaning of rich culture. Did you know that Japan celebrates several festivals? Japan has a lot of unique and inspiring festivals.

super mario

Japanese awesome technology

Super Mario, anyone? If you know this computer game, then you know what I meant by their awesome highly advanced technology. Japanese people really know how to combine their rich tradition with emerging technologies. Japan has been dubbed as a birthplace of tech innovations. It is the home of bullet trains, robots, and the hands-free toilet, or more popularly known as the washlet. It is where you can easily find best alternatives for forex bot and famous computer games.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of Japan’s past, present, and future?