About Us


We are Fuji Sports. We love the outdoors. The crisp, fragrant smell of nature has been our source of inspiration to travel, seek the outdoors, and enjoy what nature can offer.


We are sports fanatics. We love to sweat. We love to run. We love a friendly competition. We love going to different places. We are passionate travelers, and we believe that we can share our passion, and our wonderful travel experiences. We know that people will learn from us and we can learn from them too.


Fuji Sports aim to combine sports, travel, and leisure. As avid travelers and sports enthusiasts, we have searched far and wide, on a sports facility that offers both sweat-inducing activities and majestic scenery. We searched and tried, but to no avail.


These are the reasons why we came together and conceptualized a one of a kind deal – bringing recreational activities and traveling together. Merging the two fields of interest to bring a unique experience.


We indulgence in every relationship we build.  We take pride in our healthy way of building relationships with all our clients.

We believe that to see the benefits of innovations continuously, we should continuously learn.  


Our commitment is to serve our clients with the highest form of dedication. We will commit to the best of our abilities.

Our vision is to include everyone’s interest in sports, enhance our health, and build relationships while at the same time enjoying the diverse natural environment.

We want you to be part of this journey.